Nivea Serrao
October 28, 2016 AT 07:03 PM EDT

Stephen King has a new book out soon, but it’s not what most fans might be expecting. 

The Master of Horror has written his first—and hopefully not only—picture book, titled Charlie the Choo-Choo, which fans of his Dark Tower series will recognize from his book, The Waste Lands. The book tells the story of Engineer Bob and his best friend Charlie, who just happens to be a train engine come to life.

Copies of an initial mock-up of the book was produced and released at San Diego Comic Con this year, as an Easter egg for the upcoming Dark Tower movie.  

Charlie the Choo-Choo is penned by its in-book author “Beryl Evans” (a.k.a. King himself) and illustrated by Ned Dameron, who aside from being a real person, is also the artist who provided the illustrations for The Waste Lands.

Below, you can read new pages from the upcoming book, which will be released on Nov. 22. For more images, see EW’s full gallery.

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