Oliver Gettell
October 28, 2016 AT 12:00 PM EDT

When news broke Friday that the FBI discovered new emails relevant to the now-closed investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server — and that the bureau uncovered the emails during the sexting investigation of disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner — it marked the latest twist in a uniquely turbulent election.

Naturally, it also provided comedic fodder for Stephen Colbert. Despite having pretaped Friday’s episode of The Late Show, Colbert couldn’t resist weighing in on the bizarre turn of events, and he did so in a video shared on social media.

“In a shocking twist, Anthony Weiner’s penis might destroy two political careers,” Colbert quipped in the two-minute clip. He also noted that this latest “October surprise” comes at a time when Clinton has been doing well in the polls, especially in the wake of sexual assault accusations against Donald Trump. (Trump has denied the allegations.)

“Truly for the Clinton campaign,” Colbert said, “horny men giveth and horny men taketh away.”

Watch the Colbert clip below.

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