Christian Holub
October 28, 2016 AT 11:49 AM EDT

After seven years, Steven Yeun is saying goodbye to The Walking Dead, his beloved character Glenn having been brutally offed by the villainous Negan in the show’s explosive season premiere. But when Yeun came on Conan Thursday night, he wasn’t worried about future prospects. In fact, he revealed he already had a second job lined up, as host Conan O’Brien’s stand-in at rehearsals.

What ensued is a montage of Yeun acting like O’Brien: carefully moussing his hair in a handheld mirror, playing guitar, and rehearsing the late-night host’s “joke-interview-talking-to-you-listening” process. Fellow Negan victim Michael Cudlitz even showed up, mostly to shake his head at Yeun’s attempt at dyeing his hair red.

Watch the clip below.

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