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Noelene Clark
October 31, 2016 AT 04:10 AM EDT

The Late Late Show with James Corden is probably best known for its effusive, lighthearted segments like Carpool Karaoke and Drop the Mic — and that’s no accident.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly and People editorial director Jess Cagle at EW PopFest on Sunday, Corden said that when he agreed to make the CBS late-night show, which launched in 2015, priority No. 1 was fun.

“If our show was going to be anything, we wanted it to just be joy,” Corden said. “We wanted our currency to be joy that we were selling.”

Priority No. 2? “Make a show that excludes no one,” Corden said.

“We just thought our show has to be a show that launches at 12:35 a.m., but people can enjoy it all day on their phones on their computers,” Corden said. “Because to make a show that only plays for an audience at 12:35 would be futile; like, who’s your competition? It’s just people choosing to be awake. … We want our audience to be everywhere and everybody.”

For more on Corden’s vision for The Late Late Show, including why chose to eschew the format embraced by Johnny Carson and Jay Leno, watch the video above.

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