Rachel DeSantis
November 01, 2016 AT 03:28 PM EDT

Bryan Cranston says he will pack up his things and head to Canada if Donald Trump is elected president.

“It wouldn’t be a vacation, I’d be an expatriate,” he said in a recent interview with The Bestseller Experiment podcast after it was suggested that he might enjoy a trip to Vancouver post-election. “I would definitely move! It’s not real to me that that would happen. I hope to God it won’t.”

Should Trump pull out a win over Hillary Clinton, the Emmy-winning Breaking Bad star and recent author might see some familiar new neighbors in the Great White North.

Miley Cyrus said in March that she’d “move out da country” following a Trump victory, and Girls star Lena Dunham also made a similar suggestion, saying she knows a “lovely place in Vancouver” that could be calling her name come Nov. 9.

Though Cranston still has to wait a week to see if he’ll be swapping apple pies for maple syrup, he did acknowledge that no matter the outcome, Trump will remain a fascinating fixture in American history.

“He’s such a tragic Shakespearean character,” he said. “There will be books written, movies made. I’m telling you, there will be theatrical productions about Donald Trump because of the anomaly that he presented.”

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