Christian Holub
November 01, 2016 AT 02:12 PM EDT

Relationships between different generations of The Tonight Show hosts have often been strained, but Jimmy Fallon seems to have settled into a nice rhythm with predecessor Jay Leno. On Monday night, Leno returned to The Tonight Show to talk about racing Joe Biden and working mobster-owned clubs, and in what has become a tradition for his appearances on Fallon’s show, briefly took over the opening monologue.

“I had a great costume this year: Earlier tonight, I put a douche bag on my head when I was Billy Bush,” Leno joked. “As you know, Billy Bush got fired for the outrageous things he and Donald Trump said about women. See, I think Trump should hire Billy. This way, he can grab Bush whenever he wanted.”

Leno then launched into his traditional speed round of “The economy’s so bad” jokes. The economy’s so bad, “Forbes has a list of richest Americans, and 200 of them just moved back in with their parents”; “in Beverly Hills I saw a woman tanning with the sun”; and “in L.A. women are marrying guys for love.” Fallon jumped in to add his own contribution. 

“The economy’s so bad Anthony Weiner is faxing people photos,” Fallon said. 

Watch the clip below.

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