Christian Holub
November 01, 2016 AT 02:55 PM EDT

Few late-night hosts embrace the spirit of Halloween as heartily as Jimmy Kimmel. If it weren’t for Reggie Watts’ intervention, James Corden might’ve made it through his entire Monday night show without mentioning Halloween. Kimmel, by contrast, goes all out. Monday night featured the 11th edition of Kimmel’s annual Half and Half Costume Pageant, in which people parade mash-up Halloween costumes and make audience members guess the pun. 

This year’s edition kicked off with “Abrahamburger Lincoln,” a Lincoln costume inside of a giant hamburger outfit. It took audience members a couple tries to get that one, but they soon got the hang of the contest in time for “Harley Queen Elizabeth” and “Hillary Crouton.” The pageant finished off with some star power, thanks to George Takei as “Curious George Takei,” complete with monkey suit and balloons.

Watch the clip below.

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