Kevin P. Sullivan
November 01, 2016 AT 03:51 PM EDT

Even though the end of Mr. Robot season 2 answered many of the lingering questions about Elliot’s “confinement” at his “mother’s house,” there’s still a lot we don’t know about that period of time for our hacker protagonist. 

That’s where Red Wheelbarrow comes in. The volume (available today) is the first companion book for the series, co-written by creator Sam Esmail and staff writer Courtney Looney, and it dives deep into Elliot’s pysche via the journal he kept while stuck in his self-imposed routine. 

The pages are filled with thoughts and annotations from Hot Carla, as well as a few artifacts stuck in between the pages that readers can take out and examine. You can get an exclusive look at a few of the pages and in-book items below. (Please note: NSFW harsh language below.)



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