Will Robinson
November 03, 2016 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Amy Schumer is the latest celebrity to post a voter advocacy video.

The comedian and self-described “perfect hand model” starred in a recent IWillVote.com video letting people know that while voting is a choice, it comes with a risk.

“Your voting history is public record. It doesn’t say who you voted for, but it says if you voted at all,” she says. “Your decision to vote or not is obviously up to you, but judging you for that decision could be up to the internet, and everyone has access to that.”

Schumer’s goes on to endorse Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton by explicitly saying her name, but not that of Republican nominee Donald Trump.

“I hope people don’t blame you if an orange, sexually-assaulting Godzilla who started a fake college is f—ing up the entire planet a year or so from now,” Schumer says. “That would be a bummer, right?”

(Trump has vehemently denied all sexual assault allegations.)

See the PSA below.


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