Evan Slead
November 03, 2016 AT 10:06 PM EDT

Marvel Heroes 2016 is about to get a little strange.

Marvel’s Doctor Strange has conjured itself into Gazillion’s super-powered action-role-playing game (RPG) Marvel Heroes 2016 for PC and Mac. The Friday release of the film adaptation of the comic book hero has also inspired movie-themed costumes and team-ups for the new entry of the Marvel game.

Players can don Strange’s film look while taking on enemies or teaming up with allies. In honor of the film’s release, players who log in Saturday will also receive the special bonus comic book costume of Doctor Strange for free. The Sorcerer Supreme Mystery Box unlocks endless possibilities for creating a dynamic universe filled with Doctor Strange characters, including a Mordo Team-Up option, allowing the trusted ally to fight with the player’s choice of the already available 59 playable Super Heroes and Super Villains.


The “Invaders from the Dark Dimension” event will immerse players in Marvel’s unique world of magic. As droves of demons terrorize Manhattan, the film’s main antagonist, Kaecilius, makes his game entrance, taking on any hero or villain who stands in his way.


“We’ve set a precedent at Gazillion to deliver top-quality content inspired by Marvel’s huge events, from movies and TV shows to the comics themselves—and what we’ve got in store for Marvel’s Doctor Strange is some of the best yet,” says Dave Dohrmann, CEO of Gazillion. “Our developers continue to amaze me, and I’m convinced they have their own Eye of Agamotto hidden somewhere to create such consistently great material. They’re secretly among the most supreme art and design teams in the business.”

Watch the trailer above.

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