Madeline Raynor
November 03, 2016 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Jamie Lee Curtis thinks the stars of Scream Queens are nasty women — in the best way possible.

“We are the nastiest, and therefore the best,” quipped Curtis last weekend at EW PopFest, where she was joined by costars Emma Roberts and Lea Michele.

Sitting down with EW Radio’s Julia Cunningham, the trio dished on their Fox series and what it’s like to work with Curtus, who directed the Nov. 29 episode titled “Rapunzel, Rapunzel.”

“She trusts us way more than everyone else, and she doesn’t tell us the same thing a hundred times — she tells us once,” said Roberts. “She’s very encouraging. She’s like, ‘Very funny, very funny.’ She knows to pat our egos on the back.”

Curtis chimed in, saying actors need feedback because they don’t have a live audience and therefore lack a way to gauge whether they’re actually being funny. “It’s a vacuum — you have no response from anyone,” Curtis explained. “And then because we’re shooting in such a constrained amount of time, you then also move on to the next thing right away, and then the show’s on TV and maybe someone will call you and say, ‘Oh, I saw the show and you were funny.’ But mostly not.”

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