Christian Holub
November 03, 2016 AT 01:17 PM EDT

The Tonight Show had a couple of emotional interviews on Wednesday night. One was real, with comedian Patton Oswalt discussing the lingering grief from his wife Michelle McNamara’s death, and one was fake, as guest Vince Vaughn played a literal game of Emotional Interview with host Jimmy Fallon – but it was no less intense for it.

In Emotional Interview, the participants are given prompts about what emotions to display in their conversation. So Vaughn and Fallon quickly moved from “condescending” (“I think if your soul’s real empty it’s probably nice to feel good about other people not having stuff to do”) to “obsessed with outer space” (“Can we get positive for a second? What’s out there?”). Truly, the full spectrum of human emotion was on display.

Watch the clip below.

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