Madeline Raynor
November 04, 2016 AT 02:45 PM EDT

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend‘s Rebecca might not have known she and Josh were definitely going to get together when she first moved out to West Covina — but show co-creator and star Rachel Bloom knew their romantic fate ever since she first pitched the show.

EW Radio’s Julia Cunningham caught up with Bloom, the cast, songwriter Jack Dolgen, and co-creator Aline Brosh McKenna at EW’s PopFest last weekend, and of course, Rebecca and Josh’s season 2 status came up — as well as how McKenna feels about Team Josh vs. Team Greg.

“We didn’t really see it that way because not any of them are prepared or mentally ready to have a serious relationship, so it’s amusing to us that people want these characters to get together no matter how flawed they are, no matter how screwed up the circumstances are, that we just are so primed to root for couples,” she said. “And so people will say ‘Greg’s an alcoholic but they’re so cute together, and Josh is really exploiting her, but they’ve got a lot of sexy chemistry,’ and it’s a nice reflection of what people do in real life, which is they look past real problems and real differences that are difficult to bridge and just think, ‘We love each other so, woo.'”

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