Danielle Jackson
November 04, 2016 AT 08:25 PM EDT

With five episodes left in the current season of Secrets and Lies, Eric’s search for answers continues. But what’s an episode of Secrets and Lies without a little family drama?

Last week, Eric (Michael Ealy) pointed out that Patrick (Charlie Barnett) shouldn’t trust Melanie (AnnaLynne McCord) after she used the information of Amanda’s (Mekia Cox) impending divorce against her. After a heated conversation, it looked like the two brothers were able to agree to disagree and put the issue to rest. But in an exclusive sneak peek from this week’s episode, Melanie makes a threatening visit to Eric’s office in an attempt to defend Patrick and make it clear she’s not backing down without a fight. 

“Melanie is a survivor and she will do whatever it takes to survive,” executive producer Barbie Kligman tells EW. “There’s a part of her that is an opportunist and a survivor who will do whatever it takes, but I also think she lashes out more so because she’s not included. She just isn’t one of them and she’s been with Patrick for about five years.”

As evident in previous episodes, Melanie didn’t exactly receive the warmest welcome into the Warner family. At one point, Patrick points out that Kate (Jordana Brewster) was the only person in the family who treated Melanie with any respect. 

“I think that most of them see her as devious, trashy, or not good enough,” says Kligman. “There’s something about Melanie that isn’t quite right and I think that, character-wise, they feel that Patrick could have done better.” 

In the clip above, Melanie shows up to Eric’s office to share some not-so-nice words with him, even going as far as taunting Eric for knowing so little about Kate before her death.

Watch the exclusive sneak peek above. Secrets and Lies airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on ABC. 

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