Danielle Jackson
November 04, 2016 AT 04:22 PM EDT

With the election just days away, the winning candidate will soon focus on forming an administration to carry out their vision for the nation. On Thursday night’s episode of The Daily Show, host Trevor Noah imagined what that team might look like if Donald Trump is elected president.

In the clip below, Trump’s “policy advisor,” Jerry Baxter, explains that the campaign had great difficulty finding a speech writer for the Republican nominee. Then they came across “a young man who perfectly captured his voice.” That “young man” just happens to be a little, entitled boy named Warren.

The hilarious clip shows Warren screaming at other members of the campaign while showing the origins of Trump’s memorable speeches, including this highlight: “We’re not gonna be the stupid people anymore. We’re gonna be the really, really smart people.”

Baxter also claims that Warren was the source of some of Trump’s more notable attacks on other candidates, jumping to a clip of the young boy spilling water all around his playroom — a reference to Trump mocking Marco Rubio at a rally earlier this year for stopping mid-speech to take a drink of water.

Watch the clip below. 

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