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Christopher Rosen
November 07, 2016 AT 08:57 PM EST

Donald Trump continued to attack Jay Z and Beyoncé for their performance at a Hillary Clinton rally in Cleveland last week.

“Nobody goes to her rallies. So she got Jay Z and Beyoncé, and the language they used was so bad,” Trump said on Monday in Florida, echoing statements he made over the weekend. The GOP presidential nominee then questioned whether Jay Z and Beyoncé were “talking or singing” their lyrics.

“The language is so bad. As they were singing? Singing, right? Talking? Was it talking or singing? I don’t know. But the language — by both — but the language was so bad, that many of the people left. By the time Hillary got up, there was nobody there,” Trump said. He then called out the “crooked media” for hiding the Clinton rally coverage, before claiming he would be in trouble for using the same words as the music superstars.

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“Isn’t it amazing that when Jay Z and Beyonce use the filthy language they use in the songs — using words that if I ever said those words, it would be the reinstitution of the electric chair, right? Right? It’s true,” Trump said. “They use these words, and then she comes on and hugs them, like everything is right. And yet with me, ‘He’s very lewd.’ It’s a new word, you know, ‘lewd.’ I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.” (The origins of “lewd” date back to the 14th century or earlier.)

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