Christian Holub
November 08, 2016 AT 04:55 PM EST

At long last, the 2016 presidential election is almost over. All that remains is for people to actually go through the act of voting, so Stephen Colbert wants to make sure people exercise their right. He opened his live Monday night show with an extended song-and-dance sequence. First there was a little girl who seemed nervous about voting, so Colbert responded with a gentle song about the importance of voting (“It’s a grade-A, crackerjack, super duper fun, piece-of-candy, grand slam, whizz bang way to keep America afloat”). He was immediately contradicted by his old friend Jon Stewart, who came on stage with a top hat and a sash bearing his own name to sing about why voting doesn’t matter (“let the child do what she wants, don’t stuff voting down her throat”).

Stewart, however, thought that this year’s candidates were some combination of Walter Mondale and George McGovern, hence the nonchalance. When Colbert informed him that Donald Trump was in fact running, Stewart did a spit take in his friend’s face — twice. Stewart changed his tune, joining Colbert to remind the girl that as flawed a candidate as Hillary Clinton is, Trump is worse. The girl was still adamant about the dismal situation, however, singing “to fall in line and just be cowed, isn’t that the cowards’ way?”

Stewart and Colbert were at a loss for how to respond to that one. Luckily, Javier Muñoz from Hamilton showed up to rap about the importance of voting: “Yeah we’ve gone through a lot and the temperature’s hot, but please tell me you’re not throwing away your shot.” Munoz quickly had to leave to get ready for his matinee the next day, but Stewart and Colbert finished things off with one last number, reminding prospective voters “the time is now.”

Watch the video below.

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