Gavin Bond/Comedy Central; Dennis Van Tine/Sipa USA/AP
Will Robinson
November 09, 2016 AT 05:49 AM EST

The Daily Show might have been too soon on this joke.

As Republican nominee Donald Trump inches closer to becoming president-elect, and Hillary Clinton supporters move closer and closer to the edge of their seats, Comedy Central’s news show announced a surprise — and fake — new host for Wednesday’s show: actor Scott Baio.

“Be sure to tune in tomorrow night to an all-new episode of The Daily Show with Scott Baio! #ElectionNight,” the show’s account tweeted. Baio has been a public supporter of Trump and even spoke at the Republican National Convention.

A flurry of replies echoed the “too soon” sentiment. “@TheDailyShow Don’t be silly. Scott Baio doesn’t start his hosting gig until Jan. 20,” one user replied.

Barring an unforeseen switch, host Trevor Noah will return to host Wednesday night with Buzzfeed’s John Stanton as a guest.

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