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Rachel DeSantis
November 09, 2016 AT 10:50 PM EST

While some comedians took a more somber tone post-election, like Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah, Ellen DeGeneres took the opposite approach, instead finding humor in the little things that unite Americans, and make us realize that we’re more alike than different.

DeGeneres taped her segment for Wednesday’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday afternoon, before the country elected Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States. Even so, DeGeneres spoke knowing that the night’s election was a polarizing one that would likely result in disappointment for many viewers.

“People have been very passionate about this race,” she said, sporting a sweater adorned with the word “love.” “And I think it’s because we all love our country, we just have different ideas about what’s best for it. Which is part of what makes America great. And I believe we can all come together because if you take away the labels, you realize we’re far more alike than we are different.”

To prove her point, DeGeneres jokingly discussed the small things in daily life that everyone, political parties aside, has experienced.

“We all have that feeling of stepping out of the shower and realizing you left the towel completely across the bathroom,” she said. “And you have to do that shimmy on the bathmat all the way across where you try to get the minimal amount of water trying to tip toe like, ‘Just that one drop of water will be there if I do it that way.'”

And who hasn’t pulled into a parking garage and ducked their head “just to make sure you make it?” Or “passed out watching Netflix and woke up not knowing what episode we’re on, what season we’re on, whose couch we’re on?”

DeGeneres’ speech was one of hope and unity, and she ended it on a positive note, saying it is our differences that “actually make us stronger.” That is, except for one group of people.

“Here’s where I make the exception: the people that leave the shopping carts in the middle of your parking spot,” she joked. “Out of the country. Kick them out of the country. Bring the shopping carts back!”

DeGeneres wrapped up with an adorable video of different species in the animal kindgom all getting along, set to the tune of “You’re My Best Friend” by Queen.

Watch Ellen’s full monologue below.

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