Christian Holub
November 10, 2016 AT 03:45 PM EST

Like fellow late-night hosts Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers, James Corden spent his Wednesday night monologue reflecting on Donald Trump’s election win. Unlike Colbert and Meyers, however, Corden is not originally from the United States, and Trump’s victory caused him to reflect on what drew him to America in the first place.

“I realized last night it’s almost two years ago to the day that me and my wife told my son we were going to be moving to America,” Corden said. “He looked at us, I’ll never forget it, and said, ‘Daddy, that’s great.’ He was only 3½, but he knew intrinsically that this was a fantastic place to live, and we came, all excited to be here. Because America represents so much to us, and to the rest of the world. It’s a country of opportunity, and diversity, and hope, and that will never change. This is still the land of liberty. It put people on the moon. It’s the Chicago Cubs, Michael Jordan. It’s the land of tacos. And yes, tacos are Mexican, but that doesn’t mean they don’t belong here.”

Continuing with this line of thinking, Corden implored viewers to remember what’s good about America in the years ahead. “Now is the time, more than ever, to remember our values,” Corden said. “This country isn’t about one election result — this country is about the people who live here. It’s about you. It’s about how you treat one another. It’s the tone you set that will define who we are. So treat people with love and respect.”

Watch the clip below.

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