Nivea Serrao
November 11, 2016 AT 04:26 PM EST

Trevor Noah has been entertaining viewers as host of The Daily Show for a little over a year now. And soon, thanks to his book, Born a Crime, the Comedy Central comedian will also be bringing a smile (and a chuckle) to readers’ faces.

The book sees Noah share stories about his childhood in South Africa growing up under apartheid. However as you can see in the exclusive clip below—which Noah also narrates—he also takes the time to observe, and comment on, some of the more absurd aspects of his experiences, such as how people in South Africa combine Western religion, with older, more “ancestral” beliefs.

“In South Africa, faith in the Holy Trinity exits quite comfortably alongside belief in witchcraft,” says Noah. “In casting spells and putting spells on one’s enemy.”

The Born a Crime audiobook is currently available for preorder on Audible, where it will be available for purchase on Nov. 15.

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