Allison Sadlier
November 15, 2016 AT 05:17 PM EST

Before he was PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive — or even “The Rock,” for that matter — Dwayne Johnson had a bit of a criminal history. The Moana star appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday and shared what it was like telling his 15-year-old daughter Simone about his youthful indiscretions.

“Growing up as a teenager in Hawaii, I used to get in trouble a lot, doing things I shouldn’t have been doing,” Johnson admitted, adding he was “arrested multiple times.” While filming the Jumanji sequel in his home state, the actor decided to “redeem himself” and take his daughter back to his old haunts where he made some questionable decisions.

Johnson recalled that he walked five miles to the gym everyday, but along the way he would need a pick-me-up. “Midway point to the gym is a 7-Eleven,” he explained. “I used to stop at this 7-Eleven, I swear to God, every day. I used to steal a king-size Snickers bar — for energy.”

The actor admitted he was far from a criminal mastermind and the same employee who was there everyday never raised an alarm. “It wasn’t a sophisticated model I was working with,” Johnson joked.

So Johnson brought his daughter back to the same 7-Eleven with the intention of walking in, buying a king-size Snickers bar, and giving $500 to the cashier. But that did not end up happening because when Johnson arrived with his daughter, they saw a woman “shooting up” in front of the convenience store. “It’s so sketchy now,” he said, “so we did not go in.”

Watch the interview below.

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