Christian Holub
November 15, 2016 AT 02:13 PM EST

The crazy, chaotic 2016 campaign has finally come to an end, and it seems like there’s plenty of blame to go around — for Hillary Clinton, for Bernie Sanders, for the media, and even for Jon Stewart in some circles, as Samantha Bee noted on Monday night. But now that Thanksgiving’s approaching, there’s time for good food and family and peaceful feelings. Well, maybe a few other things, too.

“I wish everyone peace and comfort, whether your holiday involves drinking enough to cope with your dad’s joy, or hastily marrying whichever of your friends seems most likely to get deported, or just binge-watching 93 hours of The West Wing, I hope you spend it in your happy place, like this guy,” Bee said.

Cut to her former boss Jon Stewart, sitting on steps coloring cartoonish turkey drawings and happily singing, “It’s over.”

“I’ve really turned into quite an odd person,” Stewart noted to himself.

Watch the clip below.

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