Christian Holub
November 15, 2016 AT 04:49 PM EST

Almost a week after former The Apprentice host Donald Trump officially won the presidency, the Republican president-elect’s potential cabinet is beginning to take shape. On Monday night’s episode of Full Frontal, Samantha Bee went through the rumored picks one by one.

First up was Steve Bannon, the Trump campaign chairman now set to become President Trump’s chief strategist. Mainstream media publications like the New York Times are struggling about whether to refer to Bannon as “controversial” or a straight-up anti-Semite and white nationalist, but Bee’s way ahead of them, having dedicated an entire segment to the Trump campaign’s alt-right connections earlier this month.

“We tried to warn you,” Bee said. “We made our poor staff artist draw a million Pepe’s. He didn’t go to art school for this! He went to art school to get back at his parents.”

Bee noted that some of the more ridiculous names being floated for top positions are probably meant as a distraction so people react more calmly to less obviously poor picks (for instance, Sarah Palin for Secretary of the Interior might be a smokescreen for Forrest Lucas, an oil-industry executive who hates animals). Trump’s EPA pick, Myron Ebell, is not very famous but nevertheless thinks global warming is good because “most people prefer less severe winters.” But whether or not Trump’s former political rival Ben Carson actually ends up with a cabinet position, Bee thinks we should agree to change the common definition of “brain surgeon.”

“Good news, rocket scientists! America will no longer be using brain surgeon as a euphemism for smart,” Bee said. “From now on, when we say someone’s ‘a real brain surgeon,’ it means ‘semi-conscious mouthbreather who’s only in the public eye because Republicans think liberals care only about identity politics and will be happy with any Rapture-awaiting zombie who kind of looks like them.'”

Watch the clips below.

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