Christopher Rosen
November 16, 2016 AT 01:44 PM EST

Please welcome to the stage Matt LeBlanc’s awkward and endearing story about appearing with Chris Rock at a Taylor Swift concert.

LeBlanc recalled the tale to Conan O’Brien on Tuesday’s episode of Conan. The actor took his daughter to see Swift at Los Angeles’ Staples Center last year, and was even invited backstage. “The concert was fun,” LeBlanc said, adding he ran into Rock and his daughters while meeting Swift.

Throughout her 2015 tour, Swift often invited celebrities on stage with her during “Style,” and for this particular show, the honor was bestowed upon LeBlanc and Rock. According to the Friends star, both men were caught off guard by the request but just went for it anyway.

“We both look at each other and just kind of go, ‘Okay, just turn it up to a 11, and act like a fool. Here we go,'” LeBlanc said of their moments just before going on stage.

LeBlanc and Rock were tasked with walking the runway for Swift and her fans, and both did so in the most dad ways possible — O’Brien even mocked LeBlanc’s strut as something Popeye would do were he a model.

And what did LeBlanc’s daughter think? She told her dad, “Eh, I thought your walk was cheesy.”

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