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Christopher Rosen
November 17, 2016 AT 01:09 PM EST

This Is Us star Sterling K. Brown stands as one of 2016’s true breakout stars, but he didn’t become an Emmy-winning actor overnight. Speaking to Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday’s The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Brown recalled one of his early screen setbacks.

“We did a movie together. We were in a movie called Taxi,” Brown told host Jimmy Fallon, before adding, “You were in it, and I got cut out of it.”

The 2004 comedy starred Fallon an inexperienced cop and Queen Latifah as the taxi driver who helps him track a group of Brazilian bank robbers. Brown was cast as a fellow member of the NYPD. “I was a mounted New York City cop who had never rode a horse before, and I almost lost the job because the casting director was like, ‘Are you sure? He can ride the horse, right?'” Brown explained. “And I had a horseback riding lesson, and then the scene got cut because I probably looked really strange on top of the horse.” (Brown still appears in Taxi, albeit in a solitary background shot — and yes, he’s on a horse.)

As Brown revealed, however, that wasn’t the first time he was axed from a film. “The first movie I did was Brown Sugar, and I got cut out of that too,” he told Fallon. “But I went to the movie with my family. And I went opening night. I was like, ‘Mom, I’m about to be in my first movie.’ We watched the movie, and it was evident to me I got cut out. My mother was like, ‘Were you the brother playing basketball in the background? You were good!'”

Watch below.

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