Christian Holub
November 18, 2016 AT 02:07 PM EST

The 2016 presidential election was constantly chaotic, and so far President-elect Donald Trump’s transition process has been just as unpredictable. According to reports, foreign leaders have had trouble getting in touch with Trump, and some have resorted to randomly dialing Trump Tower in New York. Seth Meyers joked on Thursday night that Trump is probably charging by the minute, and played a mock commercial pretending to advertise the fake service.

One of the main reasons for the transition disarray is that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was supposed to lead the team, but he and his allies have been moved away from Trump’s inner circle — supposedly at the urging of Ivanka Trump’s husband, Jared Kushner. Kushner reportedly still holds a grudge against Christie for sending his father, developer Charles Kushner, to jail.

“Christie’s been angling for a job this whole time knowing he put Trump’s son-in-law’s father in jail,” Meyers said. “What did he think was gonna happen? ‘I’ll just kiss Trump’s ass and throw away all my remaining dignity, but it will all be worth it if his son-in-law forgets that incredibly traumatic time when I put his dad in jail. Move over, bridge closing! Christie’s got a new Best Plan Ever!'”

Watch the clip below.

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