Chancellor Agard
November 21, 2016 AT 05:11 PM EST

Hulu’s Shut Eye dives into what happens when a fake psychic starts having real visions.

In the latest trailer for the new Hulu dark comedy, we meet Jeffrey Donovan’s Charlie Haverford, a former magician who runs several fortune telling parlors in Los Angeles for a criminal Romani family. However, one day, he receives a blow to his head that causes him to start experiencing trippy visions. At the same time, Charlie’s wife Linda, looking to improve her family’s lot in life, tries to break free from Fonso (Angus Sampson), the head of the psychic empire.

“We crossed a serious line,” says Charlie to Linda in the trailer.

With Shut Eye, Hulu is changing how it normally does business by releasing all 10 episodes at once. Since it started producing original series, Hulu has followed a weekly release schedule for shows like The Path, 11.22.63, and Casual.

The series, which will be available on Dec. 7, also stars Isabella Rossellini, Emmanuelle Chriqui, and David Zayas.

Watch the trailer above.

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