Joey Nolfi
November 21, 2016 AT 10:01 PM EST

Kate Bush risked her life to bring fans her first new music video in almost five years. 

During production on the visual for “And Dream of Sheep,” the new single (a cover of her own 1985 track) from her upcoming live album Before the Dawn, the 58-year-old English singer-songwriter contracted a mild case of hypothermia across the first day of filming at Pinewood Studios, just west of London. 

In the new clip, Bush looks to camera as she reclines in a dark pool of water, her arms outstretched as an orange life jacket keeps her afloat. She mouths the song’s lyrics throughout the video, her body remaining virtually motionless until the conclusion, when she takes a breath and sinks below the surface. 

“This was to create a sense of realism, as the character in the song is lost at sea. However it became more realistic than Kate had imagined,” a statement on the video — which was projected onto a large oval screen which hung above audiences during her live Before the Dawn stage series — reads. “Everyone agreed [Kate’s struggle] had added to the authenticity of the performance.”  

Before the Dawn is out on Nov. 25. Watch the “And Dream of Sheep” music video above.

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