Nick Maslow
November 22, 2016 AT 02:21 PM EST

Seth Meyers is taking President-elect Donald Trump to task for saying the cast of Hamilton “harassed” Vice President-elect Mike Pence, arguing it’s a distraction in what has become a messy transition to the White House.

“President-elect Donald Trump prompted new questions this weekend about his foreign business ties to potential conflicts of interests — questions Trump responded to by picking a fight with the cast of a Broadway musical,” said Meyers on Monday’s Late Night.

Meyers pointed out New Yorkers never would have bet Hamilton could get even more publicity, but lo and behold, Trump was able to make it happen after Pence attended a performance on Friday. Indeed, the story reached a fever pitch when Trump claimed the cast was “very rude” and should “apologize” after some audience members booed Pence and actor Brandon Victor Dixon read a prepared statement to him at the end of the show, asking that the new administration work for all Americans.

“‘Work on behalf of all of us’?” said Meyers, repeating Dixon’s speech. “How dare you shout such hateful rhetoric from the stage? Next time you disagree with someone from the audience, take a page from our president-elect, who does it with dignity.”

Meyers cut to a clip of Trump rally where the businessman-turned-politician yelled, “Take him out — get him outta here,” and, “Don’t give him his coat. Keep his coat. Confiscate his coat.”

“Now that is dignified,” Meyers dead-panned.

As Meyers sees it, the Hamilton incident isn’t about a culture clash as much as it is Pence being a divisive figure. As proof, he offered a video of the Indiana governor getting booed at a baseball game in his home state. “I actually think there’s a hopeful message in all of this, which is our country may be divided, but one thing we can all find comfort in, whether you’re at Broadway show in Manhattan or a baseball game in Indiana, is booing the sh– out Mike Pence,” said Meyers.

Despite Trump’s claim that Pence was “harassed,” Pence reacted to the event differently, telling Fox News he felt that a combination of cheers and boos is “what freedom sounds like.”

“So no matter what you think of Pence, that was a calm, mature response,” said the late night host.

Meyers thinks Trump will inspire Scamilton, a Broadway show capturing his questionable decisions and conflicts of interest. Meyers suggested those include “pitching his newly renovated Washington hotel to foreign diplomats,” as one news anchor put it; meeting with Indian business partners when his transition was underway last week; and including his daughter, who helps run his businesses, in a meeting with Japan’s prime minister.

“Twitter feuds may be fun, but we need to pay attention to what team Trump is really up to, because they want us to be distracted,” said Meyers.

He shared the following quote from Stephen Bannon, Trump’s chief strategist, to illustrate his point: “Darkness is good… Dick Cheney. Darth Vader. Satan. That’s power. It only helps us when they [liberals] get it wrong. When they’re blind to who we are and what we’re doing.”

Watch Meyers’ entire argument in the video below.

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