Will Robinson
November 30, 2016 AT 11:58 PM EST

Rob Letterman, Detective Pikachu chooses you.

Legendary Entertainment has hired the Goosebumps and Monsters Vs. Aliens director to lead its live-action Pokémon movie, the studio announced Wednesday. He’ll work from a script written by Nicole Perlman (Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor) and Alex Hirsch (Galaxy Falls).

The movie will follow a newer character, Detective Pikachu, who debuted in a video game of the same name in February. The video game follows Tim Goodman, a boy who is searching for his missing father and heads to Rhyme City, where he meets Pikachu. The deal was announced two weeks after mobile game Pokémon Go was released to smartphones.

Letterman has a decent box office track record. Goosebumps, last year’s spooky family movie, earned more than $150 million worldwide. Monsters vs. Aliens raked in more than $380 million in 2009, and Gulliver’s Travels earned nearly $240 million the following year.

Universal Pictures will release the live-action film — a first in the Pokémon movie canon — outside Japan. The Pokémon Company’s perennial movie collaborator, Toho, will distribute in Japan.

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