Will Robinson
November 30, 2016 AT 10:54 PM EST

Wash off the old coupe convertible and hit the road: Justice ride again.

The French DJ duo enlisted actress Susan Sarandon to star in a music video released Wednesday for “Fire,” the latest single from their third studio album Woman. Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay pick up the dirty, light blue car and sud it up. When it’s ready to drive, Sarandon walks out — past the ’80s-looking robot servant — grabs the wheel, and burns rubber. They tour through a western wonderland, filled with wind turbines upon wind turbines.

According to director Pascal Teixera, the video was months in the making, beginning with a casual conversation with Justice

“On a hot summer afternoon, Gaspard and I were in Xavier’s kitchen, collectively daydreaming about washing a car. The year we like for car design, the make, where that could take place, how much soap, the mood, the sun, and there should be a woman to go cruising with, an iconic mix of cool, allure and strength. Susan Sarandon of course!” he said in a statement. “And then a couple months later we’re in the desert, with the car and a lot of soap, and by some weird miracle there she is, even more amazing than we had fantasised her to be, ready to go for a drive.”

See the video above. Woman is out now.

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