Christian Holub
December 02, 2016 AT 12:35 PM EST

Bruce Springsteen songs sound very different when whispered. That’s what Jimmy Fallon found out on Thursday night, when he was playing the Whisper Challenge with guest Emma Stone and had to get her to guess whispered lyrics from “Born in the U.S.A.” “Born down in a dead man’s town” is usually screamed at high volume, and so when Fallon tried to whisper it, he had trouble making Stone understand. It was only once he started getting emphatic with his motions and his pronunciations that she was able to guess correctly.

The rest of the game went more smoothly. Fallon is pretty experienced at Whisper Challlenge at this point, so he was able to guess “Hit Me Baby One More Time” and “Baby Got Back” (Stone’s two songs). It helped that Stone got really into both of them and emphasized her point with dancing. Sometimes, whispering itself just isn’t enough to capture the essence of these songs. 

Watch the clip below.

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