'Hairspray' director 'sitting back and waiting' for sequel

What does Hairspray director Adam Shankman know about the recently-touted possible sequel? “I know as much as you,” he tells, and then begins riffing: “I’m just like, what’s it gonna be? Corny takes the kids on a USO tour in Nam? Tracy goes to Nam and Edna joins the Black Panthers? Wilbur f—s a grieving Jackie O?” But seriously, folks … “Because it’s John Waters it could be very original and very fun.”

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Documentary on 'Runway' winner Jay McCarroll debuts tonight

A year and a half after he became Project Runway’s first winner, Jay McCarroll had approximately 11 minutes to save his career. That’s how long a show at New York’s Fashion Week lasts, and when he debuted his first post-win collection there in September 2006… well, things got messy: A model suffered a wardrobe malfunction and none of the purchased pieces reached their buyer. But Jay bounced back.

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George Michael turns L.A.'s Forum arena into Vegas lounge (high notes not included)

In arguably his best song ever, “Freedom ’90,” George Michael memorably promised, “I won’t let you down, I will not give you up/Gotta have some faith in the sound, It’s the one good thing that I’ve got.” But last night, at the ’80s pop idol’s first L.A.-area concert in 20 years — a video-effects-heavy, two-and-a-half hour set — it became clear that hi

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On the Scene: 'American Idol' Final Four performance


Do you remember the mid-1980s video for that Twisted Sister song, the one that starts with a sadistic schoolteacher berating a student for desecrating his notebook? The teacher caps off his tirade with a guttural, “What do you wanna do with your life?” And the mulleted, denim-vested kid has a very simple reply: “I want to rock.”

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Juliette Binoche reflects on friend and director Anthony Minghella

Juliette Binoche has shared with a poem she wrote upon learning that Anthony Minghella had died on Tuesday. Minghella directed the actress in the 1996 Academy Award winner for Best Picture, The English Patient (for which Binoche won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar), as well as in his last completed film, 2006’s Breaking and Entering.

To Anthony

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Bravo's 'Top Design' getting an extreme makeover

Last winter, viewers tuned in to Bravo’s Top Design expecting a Project Runway and Top Chef-esque (read: classy) reality show about home decorating. Instead, they got an hour that was about as thrilling as staring at a beige wall. So if news that the series will be back next year surprises you, take heart: Bravo has hired Magical Elves, the production company behind Runway and Chef, to give Design a head-to-toe makeover.

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