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Exclusive Q&A: Mel Gibson on exorcising his demons

His skin is less pasty. His blue eyes shine a little brighter. Today, on a breezy afternoon in late November, Mel Gibson is looking a lot more like his old megastar self than he did six weeks earlier, when he went on the air with Diane Sawyer to apologize for the most disastrous performance of his career — the one involving a DUI bust and some anti-Semitic ramblings on a highway near his home in Malibu.

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A look at Mel Gibson's post-''Passion'' crusade

At first, it sounded like something out of a South Park parody: Mel Gibson’s follow-up to The Passion of the Christ will be a bloody epic set 500 years ago in Central America, filmed in an ancient Mayan dialect. It’s called Apocalypto; Gibson is writing, directing, and funding it; and, oh, right, it’s set to be one of Disney’s big bets for summer 2006.

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EW takes a look at the perks of being a star

Brad Pitt

Private jets and stretch Hummers are nice, but on movie or TV sets there’s only one true symbol of a star’s status: the size of the trailer. Here’s how some of these mobile mansions rank in order of fabulousness.

Star Waggons’ Supreme The Queen Mary of trailers, this 43-footer is so luxe its use is discouraged by some studios because of the envy issues it raises among cast members (but stars like Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell still get to use them).

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Behind the scenes of 'Law and Order'

No matter how many times Christopher Meloni strips for the camera, he can’t get it right. He’s been peeling off his shirt all afternoon on this New Jersey soundstage, baring his heaving chest and rippling abs as costar Mariska Hargitay and the rest of the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit cast and crew watch with big eyes and open mouths.

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EW recaps the Golden Globes

Hey, golden globes: thanks FOR nothing. In a year with no clear front-runner for the Best Picture Oscar, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association prize — usually a reliable Academy bellwether — kept the race unpredictably murky by spreading out the major awards to The Aviator (which won best drama and best actor in a drama for Leonardo DiCaprio), Sideways (best comedy and best screenplay), and Million Dollar Baby (best director for Clint Eastwood and best actress in a drama for Hilary Swank).

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What's next for Brad and Jen, J. Lo, and more

Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston

Sure, the new year is hardly two weeks old, but it’s never too early to guess what the next 351 days will bring for stars at crucial moments in their careers. Who, for example, could have guessed last January that Courtney Love would be arrested for beaning an NYC concertgoer in the head with a mic stand? (Okay, we had that covered.) With such surprise developments in mind, EW looks at this year’s riskiest celebrity gambles.

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Oscar race for Best Actor crowded with contenders

Jamie Foxx, Ray | Jamie Foxx won a well-deserved Oscar for playing the pioneer who powered through physical limitations and crippling addictions to invent the music that we'd call…

Jamie Foxx as a blind soul singer. Liam Neeson as a maverick sex researcher. Johnny Depp as the sensitive turn-of-the-century author of Peter Pan. The only thing that could make this year’s Best Actor Oscar category more intriguing would be, say, a quadriplegic Spanish fisherman fighting for the right to die. Oh wait, got that one too.

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