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Masters of Sex season finale recap: 'The Revolution Will Not Be Televised'

Masters Of Sex 02

Can one scientific breakthrough eliminate heartache? Bill hopes so. Or if not, he’ll do what he always does when confronted by pain: ignore the problem and bury himself in his work.

But not everyone has that kind of coping mechanism. And so Barb, Lester, Libby, and Virginia are all left to find their own ways to deal with the anguish that Bill has unintentionally brought upon them.

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Masters of Sex recap: Mirror, Mirror


Where last week Masters of Sex repeatedly flashed forward into the future, episode 8, “Mirror Mirror,” kept dredging up the past. And surprise, surprise—there are some shocking secrets in those previous lives.

Like mystery man Frank. His meetings with Bill are all crack-of-dawn appointments and late-night diner dates. Frank is introduced as Bill’s old college mate, a successful plastic surgeon whom Bill lost touch with years ago; he’s seeking help now that he and his wife are having trouble conceiving. But losing touch happens to us all, right?

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Masters of Sex recap: 'Giants'

Masters Of Sex

Last week’s episode of Masters of Sex was a setup for episode 5, “Giants,” a preamble to tonight’s conversation about race. Libby’s mistreatment of Coral was a hint that the topic of racism would become a more prominent plotline, while Bill’s acceptance of a position at a black hospital to pay the bills—and save his study—meant segregation would also come into play. And it did, but not before Bill and Virginia had another State of the Relationship meeting.

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Masters of Sex recap: 'Dirty Jobs'

Masters Of Sex

While some people’s unsavory secrets are catching up with them in Masters of Sex episode 4, “Dirty Jobs,” nasty prejudices are highlighting the insecurities of others. At heart these characters are all good people, but a show like this isn’t interested in counting brownie points. So let’s examine what we learned about each character’s secrets and their “dark side” this week instead.

The secret: Virginia and Bill’s affair

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