Andrea Boston

In 1984, 5-year-old Daquan, a resident of rapper C-Murder’s Calliope housing projects in New Orleans, sees his father hauled off to jail. This sets the tone for Daquan’s life: He becomes an inmate, a killer, a father, and a drug dealer, all before his 15th birthday. Living by the mantra ”The game is to be played, not lived,” Daquan moonlights as a lyricist.

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Tales of the Out and Gone

Amiri Baraka’s Tales of the Out & the Gone, an aptly titled book, is an eccentric brew of sci-fi and social commentary. The first half (”War Stories”), penned during the ’70s and ’80s, is a black-nationalist-inspired reconstruction of traditional storytelling. ”Norman’s Date,” the account of a playboy’s night out, and ”Blank,” an eerie case of corporate-world amnesia, boast plot twists and unconventional dialogue.

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