Andrew Essex

The Best James Bond Theme Songs

Shirley Bassey

Who says James Bond is all about bodacious babes and superbaddies? Through 19 films and five actors, 007 has saved the world with one not-so-secret weapon: hit songs based on the movie titles. Ranging from the cheesy to the cheeky, it’s a musical dossier that reflects four decades of shifting pop tastes. ”We pick popular groups,” says Bond producer Michael G. Wilson, who’s been co-running the franchise since 1981’s For Your Eyes Only, ”but sometimes the songs outlast the act.”

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Dixie Chick

When Tumbleweeds made its debut last winter at the Sundance Film Festival, a few people found themselves a bit flustered. One fan — charmed by Janet McTeer’s lead performance as a high-strung North Carolina mama with a cornpone-coated heart — raised his hand during a post-screening Q&A to offer an observation. ”You the sweetest Southern girl I ever seen,” he shouted. ”Ain’t you my cousin?”

”I rather think not,” McTeer responded, ”unless you mean the south of England.”

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Girl uncorrupted

Angelina Jolie is pounding down a rib eye and a pint of Guinness in her favorite Upper West Side dive when a lovesick bartender — impressed, perhaps, by her carnivorous glee and the mildly obscene cartoon on her T-shirt — offers his hand in marriage. An uncomfortable reporter tries to intervene, but it’s unnecessary. ”He’s cute,” Jolie purrs, unfurling a long leg onto a leather banquette. ”And I’m looking.” The bartender wipes the drool off his chin and scurries away.

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All The rage

In Tinseltown, they’re even hotter than kabbalah seminars. That’s right, nimrod, we’re talking about anger-management classes. Sean ”Puffy” Combs was sentenced Sept. 8 to a mandatory day of anger-management class for a tussle back in April. He joins such ill-tempered alums as Tommy Lee, Shannen Doherty, Gary Coleman, and Courtney Love. But what exactly are these seething stars getting taught? To find out, we asked our own angry young man, staff writer Andrew Essex, to take a six-hour class in the heart of Hollywood.

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The top ten Hollywood threats

They’re the usual suspects. Like the Jesse James gang in the old Hollywood Westerns, they’re rounded up instantly, regardless of the crime. You hear their names invoked every time CNN breaks the news of the latest school shooting: Marilyn Manson. Eminem. Doom. Natural Born Killers. Washington Republicans think they’ve found a winning issue, and surprisingly, Democrats aren’t far behind.

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