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Big Brother recap: May the Best Duck Win


“Fooled me once, shame on you. Fooled me twice, shame on me. Fooled me three times, I’m a dumb ass.” – Danielle

With this past Thursday’s episode coming as close to a climax as we’ve seen all season, it was time for a bit of a breather. That’s not to say, among the fluff, that there certainly weren’t some noteworthy moments.

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Big Brother recap: A Dream Come True


Ian had been waiting for this moment since he was ten. A video “love message” from Season 12 & 13’s buxom, so-fake-I’m-real, Vegas-in-a-bottle, Rachel Reilly!?! Not so much. But more on that later…

First, let’s recap the recap.

Last Thursday’s episode had us all wondering what went on behind the scenes during the double eviction which led Dan to put up Danielle on the block as a replacement for Ian, and ultimately Chef Joe going buh-bye.

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Big Brother recap: The Quack is Back


Can Dan be beat? That is (currently) the question.

As the fun continued in the BB house, Dan kept on playing everyone and managed to flip things around yet again. He explained that he is a new player this season; one who has to play a “much more ruthless” game than last time, whereby “if I have to stab everyone in the back to get to the end, that’s exactly what I’m going to do.”

After Ian won this week’s HOH Competition by staying up on the planetary-themed rope swing the longest, his offer to Dan to try to resurrect the pack of quacks sounded even sweeter.

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Big Brother recap: Loose Change



Please? Pretty please? …with sugar on top?  Y’all?

Frank’s somewhat respectable (though still rather meek) tirade at the start of tonight’s installation certainly came as no surprise, right? After handily winning the POV, Frank hurled insults at Ian for his utter lack of respect and loyalty to Boogie. “You’re a puppet,” Frank told Ian. Then later, “Ain’t gonna lie to you, Ian, you’re a terrible person.”

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Big Brother recap: Slice of Lime


Things are on the up and up, BB fans. Last night’s episode was complete with back spasms, NASA and dunking…not to mention a whole lot more of the ongoing Froogie bromance (Frank + Boogie = Froogie). I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Froogie continues to run things, but frankly (no pun intended), I’m kinda sorta over it.

Which begs the question: can and will Froogie go all the way?

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Big Brother recap: Fickle Matter


Settle down, people. Tonight’s episode was arguably the most boring installment of Season 14 yet. Okay fine, we saw Shane and Danielle make it to first base again, but that plot line has me throwing up in my mouth a little bit more with each passing week. Who else is nauseous? But enough bitching already! That’s what Mike “Boogie” is for (for those of you who missed tonight’s episode). God I hate those quotes in his frickin’ name.

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