Ann Hodgman

Most memorable moments at the MTV Movie Awards

Jimmy Fallon
Most memorable moments at the MTV Movie Awards

With one exception, the MTV Movie Awards do everything better than the Academy Awards. Graphics: No contest — the Oscars don’t even have them, whereas MTV’s graphics top themselves year after year. Set design: The Academy Awards set always looks like that time Aunt Maxine held her 50th-anniversary party aboard the Enterprise, whereas the MTV set always looks way too hip and scary for anyone so uncool as to be watching the show on TV instead of sitting in the audience.

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''Desperate Housewives'': Rex dies as Bree cleans

Marcia Cross
”Desperate Housewives”: Rex dies as Bree cleans

I can’t wait for the Desperate Housewives season finale, can you? The May 22 cliffhanger set it up perfectly: Momentum is building; the majority of the loose ends have been tied up; and since the producers have allotted only one hour to the finale, there won’t be a single wasted second.

Wait a minute. You mean that was the season finale I just saw? Then … um … why did it feel like a plateful of warmed-up leftovers?

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''Desperate Housewives'': The husbands' bad week

Marcia Cross
”Desperate Housewives”: The husbands’ bad week

Welcome to the neighborhood, Alfre! I can see from your expression that you have some doubts about what you’re getting into. You may already have realized that in relocating to Wisteria Lane, you were going to be living with murderers, spouse abusers, liars, blackmailers, and cheats. I mean, Edie was your realtor — that should have given you an idea. Maybe you’re moving in at midnight so you won’t have to meet any of your new neighbors.

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''Desperate Housewives'': Solving Mike's mystery

Teri Hatcher
”Desperate Housewives”: Solving Mike’s mystery

”Yes,” Mary Alice coos, ”life can be hard on reviewers. When they find fault with a TV show, readers tend to forget that what’s usually being criticized is the show’s writers, not its characters. The characters, like the show itself, are fictional; they are not our real-life friends. The show’s writers are the real people here — and when they don’t do their job, it must be noted.”

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''Desperate Housewives'': The bloom's off the Wisteria

Mark Moses, Desperate Housewives
”Desperate Housewives”: The bloom’s off the Wisteria

Before I sink my teeth into this week’s episode, I have to say that last week’s clip show was a great reminder of what innocents we all were when Desperate Housewives first aired. In the beginning, every detail seemed so fresh and amazing! I can remember yelping aloud when Susan got trapped naked outside her house, and I had to peek through the sleeve of a sweatshirt (which I was holding protectively up to my eyes) when Carlos came home early while John and Gabrielle were in bed together.

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''Desperate Housewives'': Bree's ambiguously gay son

Marcia Cross
”Desperate Housewives”: Bree’s ambiguously gay son

Hey, I’ve just started to wonder: Why does Carlos wear pajamas? All guys his age wear a T-shirt and boxers to bed if they wear anything at all. And wait a minute. In that baby picture Bree shows Andrew, she claims he’s four weeks old — but the Gigantor in the photo appears to weigh about 30 pounds. And if John’s just kissing Gabrielle on the neck, why does he call it ”making out”?

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''CSI'': Teen cop love slay! Snake in scalped head!

Marg Helgenberger
”CSI”: Teen cop love slay! Snake in scalped head!


Crime As its bland title suggests, a police officer is murdered in this episode. The officer’s civilian ”ride-along” — a 17-year-old boy named Patrick — witnesses the crime, but he has disappeared from the police car by the time Horatio’s team arrives. A sullen 16-year-old schoolgirl named Missy (who actually looks like a 26-year-old student teacher) was riding in the killer’s car during the murder.

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