Anna David

Craving National Geographic

Bet you thought National Geographic tapes would make kids crave Wayne’s World. Well, the fifth graders at Silver Ridge Elementary School in Silverdale, Wash., are crowing over Geographic’s series Really Wild Animals

”It made me happy to see animals run freely, instead of in cages. I recommend these videos even to people who don’t have a thing for animals.” -Margaux Dupille

”The movies made me want a wild animal of my own! Wonders Down Under made me feel like I could reach out and touch a koala bear.” -Joey Johnson

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Kids dig 'Secret Garden'

These days, everybody’s a critic — even the second graders at Sherwood Elementary School in Sherwood, Ark. We asked the children to watch The Secret Garden and weigh in on this classic story of the orphan Mary (played by Kate Maberly), her cousin Colin (Heydon Prowse), and the magical garden they discover. Below, our young critics reveal the secrets of the video’s success.

”The movie made me feel real good deep down inside me, and Mary was real good at acting. It was my favorite rated-G movie!” — Autumn Tolliver

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