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1 man, 111 movies: Samuel L. Jackson's career, by the numbers

Times He’s Played a Dancing Crack Addict: 1

Number of Degrees of Kevin Bacon: 2

Number of Movies He’s Died In: 17

Time It Would Take to Watch All of His Movie Nonstop: 7D 23H 22M

Total Box Office Gross: $10,348,150,586

Songs Recorded on Movie Soundtracks: 11

Times He Says ”Motherf—er” in Pulp Fiction, Shaft, and Justice Brown: 63

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'In Plain Sight' series finale: Sweet satisfaction

In Plain Sight

Image Credit: Cathy Kanavy/USA Network

Spoiler Alert: Five seasons of witness wrangling, crime-stopping tales came to end on tonight’s series finale of In Plain Sight. While it’s gloomy to see it go just as the season hit its stride with Mary (Mary McCormack) managing her impromptu decision to keep little baby Norah and still being a kick-ass U.S. Marshall, the show’s swan song gave us so much to be happy about.

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'Grey Anatomy's Sarah Drew weighs in on April and Jackson's smooch and a big reveal

Sarah Drew

Image Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC

The all-important board exams have been looming over the residents at Seattle Grace for weeks. Tonight, after last week’s high stress round of interviews, we’ll finally find out the results and the anxiety of D-day has one resident feeling a little off-balance: April Kepner (Sarah Drew).

“She’s really emotional throughout the whole episode,” Drew says. “She’s literally jumping out her skin so she punches a guy and then makes out with her best friend.”

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Bo Bice welcomes first daughter

It’s a girl for American Idol alum Bo Bice! The 36-year-old and wife of seven years, Caroline welcomed his first daughter to the world Monday. Healthy baby girl Merrin Elizabeth Joy joins three brothers: Aidan Michael, 6, Caleb James, 3, and Ean Jacob, 2. “Both mom and baby are doing great!” the proud dad announced on his official site, along with an image of the Alabama native holding his bundled up baby girl and sporting a slightly shorter ‘do.

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