Bill Cosford

Bruce Brown's ''Endless Summer'' continues

Bruce Brown, director of The Endless Summer, is back where he was 30 years ago, standing on a beach on the North Shore of Oahu, just off the Kamehameha Highway, filming a couple of surfers as they run from the backyard of one of Brown’s best friends, an old longboard guy named Mark Martinson, down onto the sand and into the surf. The two young men make the run, and it looks okay, but not great.

“Do it again,” says Brown.

They fold the boards under their arms, head back to the house, turn around, come out, and make another run at it.

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''Psycho'''s fourth installment

There are things you need to know about Norman Bates. Creepy things. Things about Mother, and how she went from mom to mummy. That’s why you need Psycho IV: The Beginning, Tony Perkins says.

Of course, you already know better than to check into fleabag motels on the outskirts of town, far from the interstate and well out of the comfort zone of local law enforcement. Out there, the vacancy sign is flickering on at the Bates Motel. Norman is alive, if not well, and he is coming to cable.

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