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E3 2011: 5 things that had us buzzing

Wii U! Woo-hoo? Nintendo’s successor to the wildly popular Wii, the HD-enabled Wii U (due in 2012), will sport a motion-sensitive controller with a 6.2-inch touch screen aimed at attracting casual and serious gamers. Perhaps the most innovative feature on the home console system? You can switch between playing the game on TV and on the controller itself — allowing other people to watch their favorite shows. Nintendo should call that the ”Relationship Saver.”

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E3 2011: Nintendo unveils new console! But will it recapture hardcore gamers?

Reggie Fils Aime

Image Credit: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Just as the internet rumor mill predicted a couple of months ago, Japanese gaming giant Nintendo revealed its follow-up to the remarkably successful Wii home console Tuesday morning at their E3 conference at the Nokia Theatre in downtown Los Angeles. Its name? Wii U. Let the pronoun wordplay marinate in your mind for a sec.

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E3 2011: EA and Ubisoft tease 'Mass Effect 3,' 'Rayman Origins,' and more

Mass Effects 3

Monday’s EA and Ubisoft press conferences were like velvety sheets of prosciutto and water buffalo mozzarella in the panino that is E3: Day One. Nestled between two hearty slices of Microsoft and Sony-infused ciabatta, this deliciously cured and vital content from two of the industry’s biggest developer-publishers focused on some of their most solid franchises, ranging from first-person shooters to a cartoony, limbless mascot.

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Aziz Ansari, Nick Swardson talk '30 Minutes or Less,' MTV Movie Awards, and why Jesse Eisenberg is always so nervous


MTV’s Sneak Peek Week wrapped up Friday with a screening of director Ruben Fleischer’s 30 Minutes or Less, an action-comedy that sees The Social Network star Jesse Eisenberg with a ticking bomb strapped to his body. <a href=”

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