Celeste Perri

A spell-check needed for the silver screen

It’s a trend only Dan Quayle could love. In a trailer for the South Park film, Saddam Hussein’s first name is misspelled Sadaam. In Spike Lee’s Summer of Sam, the credit for actor Ben Gazzara reads Gazarra. In American Pie, a mom writes ”you’re favorite” in a note to her son (any high schooler knows it should be your). Even more egregious, the title of the IMAX film Encounters in the Third Dimension includes the word Thrid in its trailer. Someone get rewrite! None of the studios involved will comment.

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An Ocean State of mind

Hollywood’s suddenly full of Rhode (Island) scholars. The nation’s smallest state, best known for, well, being the nation’s smallest state, blipped onto Tinseltown’s radar last year after Providence natives Bobby and Peter Farrelly highlighted their home turf in There’s Something About Mary. Now two TV shows feature the Ocean State: Fox’s Family Guy and NBC’s Providence. ”It’s a state populated by cartoon characters,” says Guy creator Seth McFarlane, a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design.

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