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''Entourage'': Vince gets lost in translation

Adrian Grenier, Entourage
”Entourage”: Vince gets lost in translation

Let’s think of this week’s videogame tournament and foreign-commercial shoot as a small break from the fast pace of Hollywood — a TV version of Lost in Translation, if you will. No cameos by big stars playing themselves (sadly, not every episode can feature a foul-mouthed, stoned Bob Saget). Aquaman was mostly put on hold. And the weekly spotlight finally found its way to Turtle.

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''Entourage'': Hot times at the Sundance festival

Kevin Connolly, Entourage
”Entourage”: Hot times at the Sundance festival

They’ve been teasing us with this one since the season began. That’s right: It’s the Sundance episode. I was fully decked out in a parka, ski pants, and boots and sipping hot chocolate with marshmallows with the air conditioner pumped up to high, just to feel like I was a part of the action in Utah. But I didn’t need to bundle up; as Ari put it, at Sundance, ”you come for the heat.” There was so much heat in last night’s episode that I thought the show could make this the season finale.

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''Entourage'': Johnny's break; Vince's lost love

Kevin Dillon, Entourage
”Entourage”: Johnny’s break; Vince’s lost love

You had to wonder how Entourage could possibly top the on-location trip to Utah, especially after the high drama of the Aquaman deal. As we packed away our snowboards and North Face apparel, we were welcomed back to California with a few intimate revelations. Some of the characters’ neuroses and private quirks were exposed, and I’m not just talking about Eric’s fear of sharks. Yet the whole 25 minutes weren’t just about airing dirty laundry.

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''Entourage'': Johnny finds love in geekland

”Entourage”: Johnny finds love in geekland

After you’ve been hooked on a TV show for a while, there’s almost always a random moment of revelation when you realize why you love it so much. It isn’t just because the show is cool or really funny; it’s something a lot deeper than that. You suddenly realize that you actually care about the characters. C’mon, you know what I’m talking about. When Johnny ”booked the gig” last week, didn’t you feel a rush of pride?

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''Entourage'': The seduction of Vince

Adrian Grenier, Entourage
”Entourage”: The seduction of Vince

It’s Hollywood’s biggest party! No, I’m not talking about the Vanity Fair post-Oscar bash. It’s the Very Gold Bat Mitzvah, starring Ari and his tribe. The event brought out some of the series’ most colorful moments yet (13-year-olds smoking pot, a battle over a client), but Entourage made its biggest mistake of the season — the episode omitted the candle-lighting ceremony.

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''Entourage'': Eric's power plays

Kevin Connolly
”Entourage”: Eric’s power plays

Brooke Shields. Angelina Jolie. Russell Crowe. Eva Longoria. What do those names have in common? Obviously, if you watched this episode of Entourage, you’ll remember that all of the actors were either mentioned in it or, in the case of Ms. Shields, had a cameo appearance. But think a bit harder. Stumped? They’ve all made headlines in the past month or so. Current events, people. Having characters allude to current gossip makes the show feel like it’s taking place now.

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''Entourage'': Ari's lies catch up with him

Jeremy Piven
”Entourage”: Ari’s lies catch up with him

Somebody (perhaps it was The New York Times, which officially declared the show a hit last week) recently pointed out that there was a specific reason that Entourage?s second season was gaining momentum and popularity: There are so many more cliff-hangers this year (e.g.: Will Leonardo DiCaprio star as Aquaman? Will Terrance steal Vince?), as opposed to the little one-episode adventures that end happily (e.g.: the Chinese Red Bull commercial).

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''Entourage'': Ari gets outplayed

Jeremy Piven, Entourage
”Entourage”: Ari gets outplayed

Throughout this season of Entourage, every article that has profiled Jeremy Piven, who plays Ari Gold, has pointed out a particular feature I had never paid attention to: his so-called Caesar haircut. It didn’t exactly seem to be the most important feature of the character, but after tonight’s long fall from the top, the haircut struck a chord.

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The ''Entourage'' finale: The boys stay together

Adrian Grenier, Entourage
The ”Entourage” finale: The boys stay together

The second-season finale of Entourage, for all of its buildup, had its share of high points, but in the end it fell short of being the kind of episode that sets tongues wagging at the water cooler. Sure, the half hour was packed with plots and subplots — Eric possibly jumping ship into Ari’s old position, Turtle’s big night with Saigon’s first performance, Vince’s brooding, and Ari’s recovery.

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