Craig Reiss

Brent bounces back

In the college town of Missoula, Mont., Brent Musburger is greeted like a prodigal son. He’s here to accept an honorary doctorate from the University of Montana, and the local press stays at his heels, sensing an even bigger story than the new and controversial ordinance that levies a $500 fine on homeowners if they don’t tidy up their yards. Such are the issues that dominate the headlines in Musburger country.

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CBS' race cam

Everything in television has to have an angle. Nowhere is that more true than in sports coverage, where directors are forever searching for the last undiscovered place to put a camera.

With its Race Cam, a fully rotating camera that can go inside or outside a race car, CBS Sports found some unusual angles that work. Since Race Cam’s debut in 1981, the network has won five Emmy awards for its coverage of the Daytona 500. At this year’s race — on Sunday, Feb. 18, at noon — the cam rides again as it continues to change the coverage of not only auto racing but all sports.

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