David Plotnikoff

Hot college bands: 1992

What’s the surest way to spot the bands that’ll be riding high on the pop charts in three years? Try listening to college radio now. On the next page is a cheat sheet of 10 collegiate-rock favorites that are just beginning to garner national buzz. The class of ‘92 is a diverse bunch — from the unconstructed punk fury of Social Distortion to the ethereal dance tracks of the Wolfgang Press. We can’t guarantee any of these guys will be the next R.E.M. But, hey, you never know — they’re all strong candidates to graduate with honors. Summa cum loud…

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Bluesman Roebuck 'Pops' staples

If a man can be measured by the company he keeps, Roebuck ”Pops” Staples is without question the hippest 77-year-old bluesman on earth. In recent years, the Mississippi-born, Chicago-bred patriarch of the Staple Singers has teamed up with everyone from David Byrne to radical neo-folkie Michelle Shocked. ”You know, everybody’s a somebody in my book,” says Staples. ”But still you’d be surprised at the calls that I get. Somehow they seem to find me.”

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