Derek Manson

Jennifer Aniston gets the last laugh

Forget The Good Girl. Jennifer Aniston proved she was a good sport June 12, when she poked fun at her notoriously tumultuous love life during Women in Film’s annual Crystal + Lucy Awards. ”[In the past], there seemed to be a strange parallel between the movies I was doing and my life off screen,” she noted wryly while accepting an award. ”Rumor Has It…. Then that was followed by Derailed. Then there was The Break-Up.” So what’s next on her movie agenda?

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Could a studio exec actually say no to Tom Hanks? The thought crosses the mind while taking in the near 40 minutes excised from the Oscar winner’s 1996 film directorial debut, That Thing You Do! Eleven years ago, this Trinitron-coated fable of a garage band’s rise to one-hit Wonder-dom in 1964 was a fizzy pop-rock nostalgia, built for mass consumption, and likable enough to secure Hanks’ future as a showbiz multi-hyphenate. In short, a producer’s perfect single edit.

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