Diane Goldner

Upcoming Orion features

After putting its projects on the back burner during nearly a year of federal bankruptcy proceedings, Orion Pictures is again making news. Now restructured and free to release its inventory, Orion is first rushing out Love Field, a Michelle Pfeiffer drama made two years ago, for a limited release on Dec. 11, just in time for Oscar consideration. Here’s a preview of upcoming Orion features.

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The latest celebrity court cases

The Moody Blues are being sued for breach of contract by Patrick Moraz, their keyboardist since 1979. According to his complaint, Moraz was all set to play in the group’s 1991 concert tour when lead guitarist Justin Hayward told him in April that the Moodys had decided to split profits among four instead of five musicians. Moraz, who played on four albums and received 20 percent of the group’s tour income and 16 percent of the band’s LP royalties, is seeking $500,000 in compensation and an accounting of profits.

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